Boost Conversions: 60% Add-to-Cart for Second Items with Optimized User Purchase Journey!

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Unlocking Upsell Potential

A smooth and well-optimized purchasing journey reduces friction for users, guiding users towards completing transactions efficiently and effectively. It can lead to higher conversion rates as it minimizes the distractions of users from completing a purchase.

For Montigo, shoppers can enjoy free shipping and further discounts when purchasing two items on the website. The original web page after users clicked on add-to-cart had featured a menu bar that was not optimized for encouraging users to purchase a second item. Users would have to exit the current page if they wish to add-on a second item. This complicated purchase pathway resulted in low conversion rates (CR) and add-to-cart (ATC) rates for second items.

Optimize User Purchase Journey

A key focus for Montigo was to streamline the user purchase journey by enhancing the user experience (UX). The goal was to specifically focus on simplifying the process of adding a second item to their cart.

By optimizing the user flow and interface design, we aim to make it effortless and intuitive for shoppers to add multiple items to their cart. This saves customers time and effort in choosing individual items and creates a more convenient shopping experience, ultimately increasing conversion rates and average order value.

Putting Pop-Ups to the Test

The potential issue was discovered that users are failing to progress to adding a second item to their cart. Hence, a key area of focus for Montigo has been on optimizing the interstitial experience by adding pop-ups to prompt users to select a second item.

Two pop-ups were shown to introduce the second item to the users when they select an item before they proceed to the cart. This intervention allows users to add-to-cart easily and promptly for second items to enjoy free shipping and discounts.

This is how the original web page and variation looked in mobile view:

The Impact of Pop-Up Integration

The deployment of a two-step pop-up proved highly successful. It effectively guided users through the bundle process with clarity, eliminating the need for them to navigate to additional pages.

We captured a significant uplift at product sales when the pop-ups were presented to users at the right time. The convenient bundle mechanism display successfully increased products sold by 11%. The variation was significantly effective in capturing user's attention whereas every 6 out of 10 users would convert and add their second selection into the cart through the pop-ups.


A complex navigation can significantly disrupt the user's flow through the purchase journey. Hence resulting in increased rates of abandoned shopping carts. A well-placed pop-ups with a clear call-to-action (CTA) button, can effectively prompt users to make quicker decisions about adding additional items to their cart. It provides guidance to users along the purchase journey, leading to increased sales and higher average order value.

Streamlining your user shopping journey is key to achieving higher levels of customer satisfaction and driving business growth.

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