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A Conversion Boost of 54%: How do Functional Bars Ease User Journey?

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Add-to-Cart Rate Uplift


Increase in Usage of Functional Button

With a large product catalog, are you often face the challenges of presenting your extensive product ranges to potential customers? How do you ensure your products are presented in an optimized way? When you enter a website with an excess of product choices, what would you do next to find your desired products? Do you often find it frustrating to browse and make purchase decisions?

With a wide offering of products, users often face difficulties finding the products that are most relevant to them. It would eventually force them to stop browsing. Therefore, making products to be easily found by users is key to driving conversion rates.

The original product collection page of LonelyKidsClub featured 'filters' as the only functional bar where users could select specific criteria to view what matches their requirements. Users tend to show limited interest in the functional button which leads to low interaction on the product collection page and add-to-cart rate.

The Main Objective

Product discoverability can take a hit and become the key differentiator of conversion rates. Hence, we embarked on a comprehensive strategy to revamp LonelyKidsClub's product collection page.

The key area of focus was to improve product discoverability by providing additional sorting options to users. It was aimed at increasing user engagement towards the product page, potentially leading to increased add-to-cart and conversion rates.

Filter and Sort Navigation Usability

Implementing effective filtering and sorting features can significantly enhance user experience (UX) by helping users discover highly relevant products easily. This would eventually lead to an engagement rate uplift and increased sales revenue.

For LonelyKidsClub, a new version of the product collection page introduced an additional functional bar of 'Sort'. Users can choose to view the most preferable products according to the sorting criteria. This can effectively narrow down the number of products displayed to users. Apart from that, users can easily filter and sort the products presented to them based on their preferences. Compared to an ordinary product collection page, the filter and sort functional bar serves an important purpose in helping users discover relevant products effortlessly.

This is how the control and variations looked on the mobile:

This test was a success as it captured a 58% increase in the usage of filters and sorts. Users are more likely to engage with the product collection page that offers convenient navigation features. It was followed by a higher ATC rate of 54% in users who use the filtering and sorting features. The functional bars reduce the time and effort of users to sift through large product collections while streamlining the purchasing process by presenting users with relevant options based on their preferences.

Improve Product Discoverability & Optimize User Experience (UX) with Filter & Sort

Product browsing preferences vary among users. Therefore, providing filter and sort functional bars is essential in enhancing product discoverability as it allows users to organize products as they prefer. Effective functional bars reduce the friction and bounce-off rate alongside the user journey, hence achieving conversion rate optimization.

Finding relevant products should not be an arduous journey for your users. Do not put your users into endless scrolling! Improve their browsing journey and product discovery with advanced product filter and sort features.

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