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Drive Impulse Buying with Product Label, Experience an Uplift of 14% in Conversion Rate

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How to Boost Conversion Rates with Strategic Design?

Well-executed product showcases capture the attention of potential customers and encourage them to explore more on the products. By showcasing products in an appealing manner, it can increase the likelihood of higher conversion rates and sales revenue.

The original web page design of Beans & CO featured product listings with product titles, reviews and prices without any additional highlights on product features. Users tend to show limited interest towards the product and lead to low interaction and click-through rate in the product page.

The Main Objective

Recognizing the importance of product labelling in guiding purchasing decisions, we embarked on a comprehensive strategy to revamp Beans & CO's product listing page.

Hence, the key area of focus was to improve the user experience on the landing page with more effective product key visuals. Increasing the effectiveness of product showcasing helps potential customers quickly understand the unique selling points (USP) and value proposition of the products. It was aimed to increase the engagement rate and view rate of the products from new website visitors, potentially leading to increased conversion rate and sales.

Labelling to Drive Conversion Rates

Strategic implementation of product labels can significantly boost conversion rates, leading to tangible business growth and increased customer engagement.

A new version of the product showcase introduced a “MUST TRY” badge placed on the top right of the product. The "Must Try" label suggests to potential customers that the product is highly recommended or popular among other shoppers. This can create a sense of urgency and FOMO, motivating them to make a purchase before the product sells out. By adding the badge on the product, it implies that the product is worth trying and was able to guide users to make better choices. Compared to an ordinary product showcase, the product labels offer users confidence and reassurance on their purchase decision.

This is how the control and variations looked in the mobile:

The Product Label Effect

This test was a success as it captured a 9.33% increase in the quantity sold of the highlighted product. It had a positive impact on the overall sales revenue as it prompted users to take the next step in the online shopping process, such as adding items to their cart and making a purchase. Also, the product label is effective in uplifting a 14% in conversion rate. It instils trust and credibility to users towards the products and brands.

How Strategic Product Labelling Transforms Conversion Rates?

Implementing the CRO strategy by placing the product badge has proven as an effective way to boost the conversion rate and sales volume on Beans & CO's website. Product badge can act as an important information to convey the key product attributes to users. It further helps reassure customers about the quality and reliability of the product, reducing hesitation and increasing the likelihood of conversion.

At the same time, it is advised to further test with different product labels on relevant products such as Best selling, Most popular, etc. Different badges indicate different unique selling points (USP), hence a proper testing to validate is encouraged.

Optimize user journey with impactful product labels as navigation guide helps new visitors to make decision quicker!

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